term- versimilitude- believable in the context

  • begins from the visual aspect – the stagecraft and set to be more realistic
  • started in 19th century as a solution to the crisis
  • then theatre makers start focusing on all the other things, especially the acting
  • theatres go smaller, more intimate
As a movement REALISM is:
  • experiment with real elements
  • a search of a formula, which produces TRUTH
  • emphasis- true to life
  • outward illusion of reality
  • tragic forms
NATURALISM is also experimentation to become more true to life
SO what’s the difference? There is a line of realism:
ICONIC INDEXICAL  (Naturalistic items)
as close as                                     expressing the thing using
possible to                                     signs and symbols
the actual thing                              without real items
real items with                                but real expressions
real expressions                               and feelings
and feelings
Public always wants the ‘truth’, back in tragedy and romanticism times theatre was about entertainment, but the audience’s taste has changed and they found true to life more entertaining.
Poetry is everywhere, in everything, even more in the present and the real than in the past and abstract” (Zola) – inspiration is the sense of the moment and we cannot sense the past as throughly as the present

“The future is with naturalism, it will be proved that there is more poetry in..” (Zola)

Realism focuses more on the visual reality, observable reality, it is essential to look real, but doesn’t actually need to be real. Is not real, but is set up to convention on stage and page. Realism is the form; subjective; subject to content/context; what life looks like; is not real!
Realistic elements in 19th century/social realism elements in  21st century:
-contemporary world and themes
-socially extended: social experience is represented
-secular: no recourse to divine providence to explain action
-politically and/or socially interpretative
-drama doesn’t just reflect the world, but also tries to interpret it
Naturalism is about content, the inner truthfulness. “Naturalism flows out of classical art just as our society has arisen from the old society. It is the only thing that corresponds to our social needs; deep roots in the spirit of our times; can provide a living; durable formula for our art” (ZOLA) The magic what if, probability and natural way of behaviour. ‘True to life’; real time; illusion of reality; search of the formula to produce truth; what life is
Realism/naturalism emerges when engaging with contemporary world combines with a verisimilitude in writing AND theatrical practice

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