Naturalism, Stanislavski, Meyerhold


  • denotation over connotation – t2hendamine yle varjundi
  • iconic over indexical levels of meaning
  • details
-phychological model
-an actor must become the character he/she is playing
-all about psychological awareness
-to produce TRUTH only
-sociological model
-actor demonstrates character to audience
-spectators engage with actors
-actor demonstrates more than performs
-never let’s people to forget that ‘theatre is a game’ – it is never real and should not act like it was
-it is for entertaining and doesn’t have to be taken too seriously
-losing the 4th wall, which proves the point that it’s not real, it is for audience
-it is an art and needs to be admired, not analysed too much as real life
-used gymnastics and circus to make the movement of the actors as spectacular and good as possible, so the movements, even when just miming would look realistic and effectful
-all about physical awareness

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