"The Father" by Strindberg

“The Father” by August Strindberg

The captain- Adolf (free thinker, a scientist)
Bertha- his daughter
Laura- Bertha’s mother, Adolf’s wife (practical, maternal)
The pastor- Adolf’s brother
Dr. Ostermark
Old Margaret – the family nursemaid
Svard- an orderly

  • Realism in the acting and performance, naturalism as a play and themes, although it is actually a tragedy
  • Scenes run into each other, are not separable (usually they are clearly separated, set/time changes etc)
  • Paradox-> although the father wants the best for her child, he turns out to be too obsessed about it
  • Plot- women are pushed to the background, so they need to take a step forward
  • Parenting, rights of fathers/mothers
  • Paradox- every single human was born form a woman, yet men rule the world
  • e
  • Mother wants Bertha to marry and have a safe life, father wants her to have a career, stand for herself and life without chains

-Confronted with the paranoid condition: no one doubts who the mother is
-Religion vs secular
-Contemporary methods of phychotherapy
-Technological and scientific progression
-Mendelian theories of inheritance
-Literary referees

Smth to read: Lacey, Stephen (1995) Realism Class and Culture in British realist theatre: the new raise


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