Modernism: Theatre of Cruelty by Artaud 1933

“If theatre wants to find itself needed once more, it must present everything about love, crime, war and madness” (Artaud, 1933, p. 65)
We want to make theatre believable as our dreams are, to feel like something impossible could be true. (Artaud, 1933 p. 65)
It is stupid to separate analytical theatre from physical shows, to separate body and mind. Theatre of Cruelty wants to connect those two again. (Artaud, 1933, p. 66)
Theatre’s own language – somewhere between gesture and thought. (Artaud, 1933, p. 68)
Everything could have an intellectual meaning, ever the lights, the music, dust on the floor to connect all details into a big expression. (Artaud, 1933)
“Our sensibility has reached the point where we surely need theatre that wakes upour heart and nerves” (Artaud, 1933:64)
Theare needs to satisfy and surprise every facet of spectators senses by using all kinds of methods and ways, using appearance, movement, sound, music, lights etc so that audience would be conneced in new ways.

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