Alex in Wuntergarten @ The Other Room

@ The Other Room in Porters
17 November 2015

Directed by: Angharad Lee
Written by: François Pandolfo
Story: A piece about the actors recording an audioplay in studio. Every actor is a character themselves, they need to present another character and through that a lot of changes are being made in the story written. Old actors are ego’s, they do not respect younger ones and they ‘feel’ to do whatever they want. A lot of chat talk and unnecessary acts drive the director mad and he almost wants to kill himself, in the end he just goes with the flow and they record an Alex in Wundergatren instead of Alice in Wonderland, so the girl turns out to be a boy and all the animals he meets are quite nuts.
Stage production: Stage was nice and small, the usage of it was impressive. As a small stage they still managed to create ‘hidden corners’ and so on. It was a believable studio room, quite messy, but still, believable. The usage of the audience’s area and outside, was positively surprising and worked well.
Acting: It was actually very interesting and challenging to look at the actors so close, at first. It seemed that they are just being themselves and doing their thing. It could have been all just imrovising and maybe it was. The director may have been too over-actered, but to be honest I liked this tragicomedical character, which was a bit over acted.
Breaking the 4th wall: I am not sure if it worked, because the audience did not go along, were too shocked to react.
Filthy jokes: Yes, I must say that they were too easy-going and didn’t seem connected to the play.
In general it was a great, funny and creative piece that gave a lot to think about in the evening, but it was all forgotten the next day.

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