Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre

@ Millenium centre

November 2015
A musical
Production: quite an expensive, grandious and picturesque. Huge room-barrels on top of each others. The space on the stage was very well used. I liked the usage different levels for different themes.
Music: lovely and powerful in turns, though nothing too extraordinary. I remember the high-pitch notes on dramatic scenes, though I did expect the ending to be more powerful.
Narrative: The story was great and funny, though in the first set it dragged slow as a snail. The ending, in the contrary, was to quick and runny, especially for such a slow storytelling in throughout all the play.
Acting: I did enjoy most actors and acting, and as in musicals you can see the acting and over-playing which is made in purpose and I think they managed to do it very well.

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