Performance art practitioners and examples

Hilary Ramsen lecture part 2
From last lecture- Merce Cunningham
Preoccupations with..

  • The body
  • The everyday
  • Politics
  • Extremes and endurance
  • Repetition
Franco B. “I miss you”
Ellen Dissanayake
Making an action intentional – takes itto the level of art
Li Binyuan, China – “Morning ablutions on the subway”, “Running naked with a cross”
Tehching Hsieh, China – “Punch a clock every hour for one year”, “I kept myself alive”, “A year tied with a woman, not allowed to touch each other”
Bobby Baker, UK – Playing with food
Zhao Zhao, China –
Qin Ga, China – the Long March and map of China tattoo on his back
La Ribot, Switzerland –
Valie Export
Francis Alys
Audience becomes a participant
Collosons and interweavings of different arts practices:
  • Visual art
  • Conceptual art – land art, environmental art
  • Theatre. – immersive, street, site-specific
  • Music and sound – found sound, sound works
  • Exposing a body to a public audience
  • Pushing the body limits
  • Not always an apparentexplanation
  • Lack oftranditional script or narrative
  • Gender and performance
  • What and where are there differeces or boundaries between theatre,perf…

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