Scriptwriting exercises and practice

When I woke up, I wasn’t in a place I wanted to be. Though it was the same place I wanted to fall asleep in. But I it didn’t feel good when I woke. Morning is always smarter than an evening. Is it true, is it really me trying to get out? Or am I too concerned about my surrounding. Well, in the end I live on a tree and it is really nice to fall asleep on. You can see the stars and moon, they look at you and smile. It makes me feel loved and beautiful. But when I wake up, all I hear is cars driving down the road next to me and I cannot even hear my own thoughts. So I would rather do smth else.
Going out for a walk to get inspired:
5 things I saw: reflection, diving, landing, nervousness, new life
5 things I heard: beeps, crawling, breathing, yelling, smile
3 things I smelled: new, hot, wastage
3 things I felt: jealousy, sorry, regret
Image: reflection of the inside world from far away
Question: is it possible to see the world without personal emotions, experiences, without connecting it to your own unconcious thoughts/feeling?
Now turn your ideas into a play/scene:
Cornelia: How was your day, you stranger?
A girl: Well are we still on that level? I would say you are too stubborn, you should really try to go on.
Cornelia: Well, you are a stragner to me. I don’t know anything about you and you just came here acting like we have known each other for years.
A girl: Because we knew each other for years. And then you started to doubt in me.
Cornelia: I am not going to talk about this anymore. Let’s just not talk. Let’s just drink tea and not say a word anymore.
They are drinking tea and not looking at each other for a couple of minutes. Until Cornelia starts to feel uncomftortable about the situation and tries to say something, though the girl interrupts.
A girl: Well, my day was fine, thank you for asking anyway. I went to the museum today, just 10 minutes before they started to close. I thought maybe I could pretend that I was lost so I would win some more time to
Going to the past:
.. I remember when I went to work in with my dad. It could have been in the autumn or spring as well, because it was wet and muddy everywhere. My dad had to bring some PALGID from a few miles away and we went there by ATV. The big machine to put them on a truck was already there and the truck as well. My dad was dealing with PALKIDEGA and I enjoyed walking and climbing on them, as we used to play “don’t touch the ground” game with my sister. I climbed to the back of the truck and wanted to play with the gears and remote of the truck, but my dad didn’t let me. Suddenly while almost all of the PALGID were put on the back of the truck it started to fall deeply into the mud as it got heavyer and heavyer. Well, I didn’t realize it could be anything bad, but when my fafther got quite nervous and tried to find something to put under the wheel that was only going deeper and deeper. Then he asked me to be a big girl, drive back home and bring a LABIDAS for him, so he could dig the wheel out again.
Going to the present:
I notice that though we all are surrounded by same or at least a varriety of same things, we are still each living in a different world and I do feel this is the reason that complicates our lives a lot. But also makes it much more interesting.
Going to the future:



I will have a small house by the lake, where you could see the sunset every evening, but to see the sunrise I would need to take a walk to the other side of the forest, to see it coming from behind a small mountain. Sunrises are always more special

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