Text and Performance Analysis introduction

Denotation: what is there
Connotation: what it might mean
1) Exercise: Steps coming to to the space, there is a burning white circular candle in the middle of the empty dark stage.
2) Lightless dark space in silecne. Steps from the right stage to down stage. A man kneels on his right knee, puts a white 10 cm tall circular candle on the stage. Lights a match..
3) Lighting a candle to remember someone who has passed away. (Walking slowly, watching on the ground) .
Look up Bareth someone and Treat Williams Stanley Kowalski and Arthur Miller and Marlon Brando and Rembrandt and Francis Bacon and Fransisco Goya and Damien Hirst
Everything in the frame of performance is important and has a meaning.
Audience creates a meaning.
Different views and seats cause diffent understandings.
Watching Black Watch and analysis:
Cast, actors- the guy who the others called “puff”, which might have been because of his way of talking, wearing a bag and how he entered the space. Though actually there weren’t any reasons to think that.
Lightning– unrealistic set of lightning, quite a lot of change. Clever use of flashing to change scenes.
Costumes- trainers, polo-shirts, didn’t fit them very well, made them look low-status
A Doll’s House analysis:
  • How it was publicized? Informed by my course leader
  • Where the performance was located? A modern building
  • What do we know about the theatre/company? It is an experimental theatre
  • What do we know about the director? A white, woman who has lead a bi-lingual theatre in Belfast.
  • Specific challenges of performing, designing or performing it
  • What was the audience like? Lot’s of students, but some elderly people as well. People were dressed up nicely, but didn’t necessarily keep a low and polite profile.

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