The Frantic Assembly "Book of Devising Theatre"

Trust – page 94

NOT about ingriating yourself
NOT about dated and cringeworthy trust games
NOT about telling each others your deepest and darkest secrets within 20 minutes of meeting them
NOT about being someone’s best mate
IS about breaking down inhibitions
IS about setting high standards and keeping them
IS about leading and listening
IS aboput reading body language and group dynamics
IS about motivation, ecouraging and praising where necessary

We have always found that people can do more than they think they can. They can be pushed to surprise themselves. But you cannot just expext someone to fly without giving them flying lessons. Confidence and trust go hand in hand and should be worked at.

Warm-up exercises: from page 100 to 125 

Chapter 5 – Choreography
It is impossible to attach meaning to movements – the work and devising progress has to be vice versa: from idea/meaning to movement/choreography


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