African Theatre Topics: Identity

  • Personal identity – photograph, id-number, National insurance number…
  • Social identity – what the others expect you to be
  • Subjective identity – internal: what I think I am and who I want to be
What is the concept of self? The complex issue that who you really are might not be acceptable in society, or one might just hide them.
  • I (private)
  • Me (public, social role)
Who are we? What are we? Who defines that?
  • Different aspects to look at: nationality, age, gender, race, religion, culture, occupation, sex, beliefs, attitudes
  • I wouldn’t like to be defined. If I have to: I would be an overseas student who tends to act that she can do everything, but she can’t, who changes mind twice in a second, has high standards, likes working hard, but gets tired or bored quicky, who likes to get involved with different people, who likes practical things, and doesn’t like stupidity and carelessness.
  • Dominant cultural ideas: everybody can look just like they want to, but yet majority looks very similar, everybody can do what they wish to do, though there are many limits that cut our way, it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do, because you are able to live on it, it is rather important how you do it, gender doesn’t have too much weight or value
  • Accepting, pride in country, national identity, freedom, education, materialism, kapitalism, caring, unemployed, obesity, smoking, drugs, single
  • construction of reality (process and product)
  • Comventions used to represent
  • Representation in the media – who is responsible? Government, masses.

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