Script for Film "Leaving" year 1

Performance Technology and Stagecraft – Practical Project 1
At liberty bridge
The girl opening a letterbox, finding a letter and opening it. Reading the letter, feeling happy and sorry at the same time.
At liberty bridge; in Emma’s kitchen
The girl coming down the stairs, wearing an army rucksack and a hat. Mother is washing dishes in the kitchen.
GIRL-There’s something I need to tell you, mom (turns to mom)
MOTHER-What is it, darling? (looks over her shoulder and continues)
GIRL- Well, you better sit down with me for a while (calmly with a bit of excitement, just about to say something she has wanted to say for a long time, but didn’t; placing her rucksack next to the sofa)
MOTHER – Give me a minute (continues washing, without looking at the girl)
GIRL – No, I need to tell you this right now (starting to feel a little sore, irritated)
MOTHER – For God’s sake, Jessica, what is it?(slightly upset, turning around to face Jessica)
GIRL – I haven’t been truly honest with you, please, would you sit down with me for a sec (taking her hand and they’re sitting on a sofa together, mother on the right and girl on the left, looking at each other)
MOTHER – Alright (looking at the bag, ironically)if you’re going to tell me, that you‘re staying over Mike’s place tonight, I already figured it out.
GIRL – I wish that was what it was (remorsefully, looking down at the bag too)
MOTHER – So what is it then? (being worried and curious)
GIRL – I received some news yesterday, I’ve been accepted into (stops for just a sec and then continues..)
MOTHER – Which college? (interrupting her excitedly)
GIRL – .. the army (being a little shy, interrogative)
MOTHER – Pardon(standing up the sofa, putting her hands to her hips and staring at Jessica, being amazed and shocked)
GIRL- I’m sorry but I had to listen to my heart this time it’s what I know is going to make me happy. (trying to apologize, explain and justify)
MOTHER-I can’t’ believe you haven’t told me about this. I thought we didn’t have any secrets.(feeling upset, injured and still amazed)
GIRL-I knew you wouldn’t understand and I didn’t want to hurt you. (feeling sorry and ashamed)
MOTHER – I would have rathered you tell me before than springing this on me so suddenly. (being confused and aggrieved)
GIRL- I’m sorry (being sad and sorry, but still confident within, knowing she did the right thing)
MOTHER – Are you sure about this?(doubtfully, with a little hope)
GIRL-Yes I have made up my mind. (Pause)I will be leaving tonight.
Jessica takes the letter out of her pocket, gives it to her mom and leaves the room. Mum is reading the letter, while sitting on the sofa. Being surprised, shocked, almost crying. Once she has read the letter she looks up for a moment and then rips it.
At Liberty Bridge
Jessica is just about to leave the house, suddenly mother grabs her rucksack and pulls her back.
MOTHER – Are you really going to do this? Leave me all alone so suddenly? (being sad, heartbroken)
GIRL– This is my decision. It is hard for me too, but I have to be strong for both of us.
MOTHER – (a long pause, looking at her sadly and aggrieved) I just don’t understand this.
Jessica turns around, the door closes.
At train station, on platform
Jessica is coming up the stairs to the platform, looking around. Looking for the right platform. Suddenly she sees her mother on the other side of the platform who is looking at her relieved.
MOTHER- I love you (is not heard, because of the station noise, just lip-reading)

Girl is smiling at her, happy to see her mother had forgiven her.


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