Scriptwriting exercises

2 minute “JUST TALK EMILY” exercise “Well, I started writing, yeah. I started like doing little exercises while I write. And, I like started to write my biography. It’s about myself but I do it in second person, yeah. And that actually boosts my confidence, I actually thought to myself I’ve done actually cuite a lot of things. Oh, but last night’

How would you talk as a:
  • 5- year old’s weekend: I went for a walk and I saw one bird. There was many birds, but one bird. One bird was not like other birds. Like, I think it was ill, or …. dead. It was on the ground and didn’t move.
  • 30-year old’s weekend: Well, I didn’t do much too extroirdinary. I went to Paris, did three shows, now there’s only 6 cities to go. I am highly excited to start with the next project, This show..
  • 65-year old farmer: My dear Dottie is getting old, she doesn’t walk straight, she doesn’t eat well. Though, I see every morning the spark in her eyes, when she follows my way to village for morning egg-sale, her will to always come with me, but I wish she could actually stay home, because she’s obviously just tired. Her nose has gone numb as well.
Shopping for my partner within one-word-sentences: Sweater? Knife? Dinner? Romantic? No.
Shopping gift for my partner within neverending sentences: I don’t imagine him going anywhere with this, or this, neither with this, well, this could do, at least my brother has a similar one, but, no, actuallt he isn’t like this, I am not actually sure if he want’s to go anywhere at all, or at least this month, while it’s raining that much.
  • I got the job. I literally just smashed all the other candidates with my short dress, red glasses and my kind and confident talk. So now I’ll be now on my own. A hard-working bitch, though my mom used to say – there are plenty of fish in the sea, for me, all the fish are dead.
  • I hate you when you’re so lazy, or when you interrupt me, or when you always think you know everything better than me. But, somewhy I still do everything like you did, I still try to follow your I love you more than anything.
Some emotions to play with: Fearless, arrogent, bored, clumsy, commanding.
Commanding: How difficult it is to write a poem? You can write about anything, anyhow, anywhere. My students do it whenever I tell them to. I tell them: a haiku within 4 minutes about your homeyard, or a menuette of aliens talking about strawberries. But when was the last time I ever wrote anything readable at all? Bored I’ve tried everything already. I’ve written about families finding each other in the storm, and nature deep in the ocean, difficult relationships between co-workers and the frosted milk on the bottom of a coffee cup. I have done it all. I have walked down these roads a million times. Nothing catches my eye anymore. There’s noone who would excite me. I am really so old already? Fearless Am I really so old already? Oh, does it mean I am going to die soon? What if? No, well, yeah, I think I am sure, I’ll tell her that I am ready. We’re ready now. I won’t be afraid of their screams, the sleepless nights and messy living rooms. Finally I really feel like I want my blood to continue in this world.
Dialogue of an alphabet:
-Amazing, innit?
-Better than amazing
-Definitely going to see them again
-End of scene
–Finally, done for. let’s get out this place
–Great i’ve been here since 6
-Hungry. How do you fancy getting smth to eat.
-I’m starving, let’s get smth. Definitely.
-Jam on toast, that will be lovely
-Keep it healthy, let’s get some ssalad instead
-let’s not
-McDonald’s instead?
-Only if we are getting chicken nuggets
-Please can I get a McFlurry?
-Que looks too long..
-Right, somewhere else then
-Should we go to Nando’s
-Typical of you
-Very upsetting
-What do they think they are doing?
-Xenophobes, a lot of them
-You bastards
-Zombies all over the place
Dialogue from 10 to 1:
10-I can not believe that they are still in here.
9-Well, but what can you do about it babe
8-Make them to leave, right now, get out
7-And how would you do it babe?
6-I won’t. You will, right now!
5-Wow, are you kidding me?
4-No I am not
Dialogue between the lines:
-Please don’t brake it. We need to leave everything untouched as like we weren’t here.
-Yes, I know, shut up!
-Do you see these bushes down the river?
-Yeap, what about them
-They have been there exactly 7 winters
-How do you know that?
-Because I planted them
-Whaat? I thought you’ve never been here
-Your mother used to come here quite often. So I wanted to get her attention. This house was always empty, so once I just sneaked after her and found the place. And I heard her singing about kissing in bushes. So I just came here at night and planted these, because here are no other bushes and I thought she would kiss me then…
-Here they come
-I love your shoes
-Oh, they are really old
-But special, then, aren’t they
-No, no, they just regular working shoes my mom used to have, see that red spot on the edge
-well she got killed in them, so it’s her blood

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