Theatre space and Performance space

Reading “Theatre and Performance Design” edited by Jane Collins and Andrew Nisbet: A Taxonomy of Spatial Function by Gay McAuley
A theatre space – the building, area, it is devided into two: fronthouse (audience space) and backstage (practitioner’s space), which are usually strictly separated and rather different. a place for entertainment and cultural enrichment for some people and a place for employment for another.  (pg 89-90)
A performance space – the space where the performance takes place.
The Physical Reality/ Fictional Space Duality – a stage space is the real space which exists in the performance space and the fictional space where the actions in the performance ‘take place’.
The presentational space is basically as scenic, scenographic space, but may lay beyond and deeper, becoming part of the fictional space (pg 91)
There are also two kinds of fictional space: on-stage fictional space and off-stage fictional space. (Pg 92)
unlocalized off-stage –actions happening beyond the audience’s view, they’re unaware where they take place
Localized off-stage-actions beyond the audience’s view, but they know where it is


Audience off stage – performance action takes place in audience space

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