Theatre Practice: Devising methods

Frantic Assembly – by through round, using music
Augusto Boal work – looking at pictures, Theatre to change the world
Action in words
Verbatum theatre – real life stories, getting ideas from real situations, people
Criteria – 10-12 minutes, group mark, using stuff that you’ve studied, group dynamic-the energy of a group, collaboration, relationship with the audience.
Questions for Verbatum theatre:
1) Can you still hear the airraid sirens (in your mind)?
2) What emotion or memory does it bring up?1) What’s your most vivid memory of the war?
2) How did it make you feel?
3) How did you cope with being away from your family?
4) How did the war change you and your life?
( the music starts) After finishing the letters, we put them in envelopes. Stand up, step three steps forward and hand in the letter (Joanna and Emma) to someone in the audience. At the same time Luke and Olivija are pulling our legs. (Left) Joanna falls down. Emma turns facing Olive, who lifts her to the left. Em picks up a book from the ground, but the wrong way up, Olive takes the book and swirls her hand around Em so the book is now faced up. At the same Time Joanna and Luke are playing in the ground. Then Jo goes to the girls and takes the book, stepping diogonally to the right. Olive and Em yell “Hey, give it back” (the musiic stops for a moment). Then all four of us are facing to the right corner, standing in a row (behind each other, Luke, Jo, Olive, Em). Playing train, taking steps (left, right, left) Now standing in a row facing the aucience. Emma crawls under everyone’s legs and stands as the first one. Then Olive does the same. ……… …………………Luke and Olive start playing war (shooting at each other and the audience and all around the room). Em and Jo would run backwards being afraid. Straight after this a air-raid siren is played.



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