Theatre Practice: Frantic Assembly Exercises

A family situation: a victim, a saviour and a prosecutor.

Squad: People standing in rows and columns, one row starts to count to 8 (for example) and then turns aroun on the last number to pass the juming to the second row, so the first row stops and second one starts counting and jumping and passing the jumping to third row. Continue this until the end of rows end then the last row will reduce the number to 6 (for example) and the same things starts from the last row going towards the first. to stay focused, being in group, in rhythm, to get blood running, positive energy, brain and body connection, wake-up both sides of a body and brain.
Negative squad – almost the same as squad: everyone is juming exept one row and then the second etc. Is about stillness of the row who is not jumping. Passing stillness – jumping is natural stillness is rare.
Group lifting- 1st person is a rock, 2nd is flying and all the others (6 is perfect) are lifting the person who is flying. Needs confidence, coordination, belief not strength but tactics.
Push hands – non-verbal communication through hands only – moving around the room one leading other following by the touch of hands and then swap.
Clear the space – person (hug a person), fold (lay down and fold your body), unfold (stand up again), look (at someone’s eye), music box (move towards the music box, sit down and look at the music box), favourite (point at a favourite item in the room), clear the space (move to one wall and put both arms on it), walk (around the space), center (go to the center and be as center as possible by being very close to each other). About cooperating, focus, groupwork and reaction.
By, through, around + lifting – in pairs: going by, through, around your partner and making a lifting when logical and natural. The lifting has to be very smooth and should not require much strength but method and confidence. The person being lifted should not be afraid to put their body weight on the other person, but to smoothly

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