Theatre Practice: improvisation and monologues

IMPROVISATION – to listen to your fellow actors

                            – say yes to everything
                            – not to entertain but to say first thing that comes up to your mind
Mike Lein – someone to look up
What monologues can be about – to give detail
                                                    – to share feelings
CROSSROAD monologue:
I wouldn’t say it wasn’t difficult, because I think it is still going on. I’ve made my desicions, but my mind is still on crossroad. Whetrer to be happy or not. If not then I shoud do something about it. Because I know I can. I know that my life is in my hands. And it’s all about … But I am not strong and selfish enough to actually do what I want to. To actually know what I want.
CROSSROAD monologue 2: I studied violin in music school since I was 7 years old. My teacher was a smart, creative and emotional old man. He had a kind voice but he was harsh in many other ways. I remember crying in classes, I remember trying to void the classes and pretened to be ill. At one point I really wanted to quit, but my oarents reminded me that if I chose to do something I need to finish it and not through it away. And I respected him. I felt his passion to lead me to be good violinist, but I was afraid of him. I was afraid to dissapoint him. So I was on a crossroad. To continue or not. To give up fighting or to keep getting hurt. I continued and graduated the music school a couple of years later. And it was the best desicion I have ever made.

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