Feminist movement in (Performance) Art

This post is about Feminist practitioners and their ideas/works –Mary Kelly –Susan Hiller –Faith Wilding –Judy Chicago –Valie Export –La Ribot –Lorna Simpson –Carolee Scheeman –Milo Moire –Guerilla Girls Supported by theoretics such as – Carol Martin –Rachel Warriner –Mary Kelly –Luke Dixon & Sean Bruno –Amelia Jones –Jeanie Forte –Barbara Einzig The works are divided … Continue reading Feminist movement in (Performance) Art

Futurism, Vorticism, “Poor Theatre”

Futurism inspired be early industrialisation, technology achievements, such as car, aeroplane etc, the youthful aspiration of a new generation of artists. Futurism is usually concidered withon the broader line Futurism is the complete ignoring, turning away from the past and only focusing to the future. It started from (Filippo Tommasi Marinetti was the guy who wrote the … Continue reading Futurism, Vorticism, “Poor Theatre”

Dadaism and Conceptual art + Research and Analysing tips

An exrecise in research: Finding information Discussing the research Applying examples and anaylsing Contibuting to this research We create or own titles and questions for an essay. Those will be derived from but not limited to the topics we talk in the class. Focus! (Avoid potted histories establish a central argument/line of enquiry that you … Continue reading Dadaism and Conceptual art + Research and Analysing tips