Acting and not-acting

REFERENCE: Kirby, M. (1996)‘On Acting and Not-Acting’ in Acting (re)Considered; Theories and Practices ed. P. Zarilli. London: Routledge. pp 44-58.   Non-matrixed performing = being in performance space doing nothing (doing a certain activity) but being yourself symbolized matrix = doing something particular, but not in a character received acting = representing doing something, not actually doing … Continue reading Acting and not-acting

Performance art practitioners and examples

Hilary Ramsen lecture part 2 From last lecture- Merce Cunningham Preoccupations with.. The body The everyday Politics Extremes and endurance Repetition Franco B. “I miss you” Ellen Dissanayake Making an action intentional – takes itto the level of art Li Binyuan, China – “Morning ablutions on the subway”, “Running naked with a cross” Tehching Hsieh, … Continue reading Performance art practitioners and examples

Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre

@ Millenium centre November 2015 A musical Production: quite an expensive, grandious and picturesque. Huge room-barrels on top of each others. The space on the stage was very well used. I liked the usage different levels for different themes. Music: lovely and powerful in turns, though nothing too extraordinary. I remember the high-pitch notes on … Continue reading Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre