Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre

@ Millenium centre November 2015 A musical Production: quite an expensive, grandious and picturesque. Huge room-barrels on top of each others. The space on the stage was very well used. I liked the usage different levels for different themes. Music: lovely and powerful in turns, though nothing too extraordinary. I remember the high-pitch notes on … Continue reading Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre

"The Father" by Strindberg

THE CASE STUDY “The Father” by August Strindberg Characters: The captain- Adolf (free thinker, a scientist) Bertha- his daughter Laura- Bertha’s mother, Adolf’s wife (practical, maternal) The pastor- Adolf’s brother Dr. Ostermark Nojd Old Margaret – the family nursemaid Svard- an orderly Realism in the acting and performance, naturalism as a play and themes, although … Continue reading "The Father" by Strindberg