Theatrcal conventions and performance styles

  THEATRICAL CONVENTIONS AND PERFORMANCE STYLES   Performance Styles The way in which the plot is conveyed in a performance, sometimes to a particular philosophy of performance, or to an historic period. Theatrical Conventions Things done on stage by the actors, that contribute to an overall performance style   Theatrical convention Definition Related performance style Burle Comic banter … Continue reading Theatrcal conventions and performance styles

African theatre example

In relation to his own work, Athol Fugard has described the role of the playwright as ‘bearing witness’ to his society.  Discuss the play Sizwe Banzi is Dead in light of this statement. WHO IS HE? Athol Fugard is a South African director, actor, and writer of more than thirty plays. He is best known for creating works confronting the racial segregation of … Continue reading African theatre example

Acting and not-acting

REFERENCE: Kirby, M. (1996)‘On Acting and Not-Acting’ in Acting (re)Considered; Theories and Practices ed. P. Zarilli. London: Routledge. pp 44-58.   Non-matrixed performing = being in performance space doing nothing (doing a certain activity) but being yourself symbolized matrix = doing something particular, but not in a character received acting = representing doing something, not actually doing … Continue reading Acting and not-acting