Feminist movement in (Performance) Art

This post is about Feminist practitioners and their ideas/works –Mary Kelly –Susan Hiller –Faith Wilding –Judy Chicago –Valie Export –La Ribot –Lorna Simpson –Carolee Scheeman –Milo Moire –Guerilla Girls Supported by theoretics such as – Carol Martin –Rachel Warriner –Mary Kelly –Luke Dixon & Sean Bruno –Amelia Jones –Jeanie Forte –Barbara Einzig The works are divided … Continue reading Feminist movement in (Performance) Art

Performance, Conceptual, Body Art Pracitioners

Mierles Laderman Ukeles – made her daily life into art/created art from her daily life. She started to clean public places, stairs, streets. “People were afraid to access the area she was cleaning” “She kept wiping right behind people’s heels, so their tracks lasted only for a second,” TEDx “What are animals feeling and thinking” … Continue reading Performance, Conceptual, Body Art Pracitioners