Theatre space and Performance space

Reading “Theatre and Performance Design” edited by Jane Collins and Andrew Nisbet: A Taxonomy of Spatial Function by Gay McAuley A theatre space – the building, area, it is devided into two: fronthouse (audience space) and backstage (practitioner’s space), which are usually strictly separated and rather different. a place for entertainment and cultural enrichment for … Continue reading Theatre space and Performance space

African theatre example

In relation to his own work, Athol Fugard has described the role of the playwright as ‘bearing witness’ to his society.  Discuss the play Sizwe Banzi is Dead in light of this statement. WHO IS HE? Athol Fugard is a South African director, actor, and writer of more than thirty plays. He is best known for creating works confronting the racial segregation of … Continue reading African theatre example

Essay notes: Absurdism

 “Cut from his religious, metaphysical and transscendental roots man is lost, all his actions become senseless, absurd and useless.” (Eugene Ionesco, ‘Danis les armesde la ville’ Cahilles de la Compagnie Madeleine Rehaud-Jean-Louis Barrault. Paris, no. 20, October 1957.) From pg 23 of “Theatre of the Absurd, Esslin. JEAN-PAUL SATRE: a french philosopher, playwright, novelist, political … Continue reading Essay notes: Absurdism