Essay notes: Absurdism

 “Cut from his religious, metaphysical and transscendental roots man is lost, all his actions become senseless, absurd and useless.” (Eugene Ionesco, ‘Danis les armesde la ville’ Cahilles de la Compagnie Madeleine Rehaud-Jean-Louis Barrault. Paris, no. 20, October 1957.) From pg 23 of “Theatre of the Absurd, Esslin. JEAN-PAUL SATRE: a french philosopher, playwright, novelist, political … Continue reading Essay notes: Absurdism

Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre

@ Millenium centre November 2015 A musical Production: quite an expensive, grandious and picturesque. Huge room-barrels on top of each others. The space on the stage was very well used. I liked the usage different levels for different themes. Music: lovely and powerful in turns, though nothing too extraordinary. I remember the high-pitch notes on … Continue reading Performance Analysis: Sweeney Todd @ Millenium Centre